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Offering sophisticated Peruvian cuisine, Tanta boasts a sleek, modern environment, with a touch of Latin flare.

Order some ceviche and have a hand-crafted cocktail downstairs or head upstairs to their rooftop patio and drink in the amazing city views.

Many of our clients have reported positive experiences at this location with more than a few sharing they met their boyfriends there. If you take the right train at the right times, there is a good chance you will run into others who happen to be a “Friend of Dorothy”.

Now obviously you will want to use caution and think about safety because public transit here in Chicago has sometimes had a history of problems.

Let’s be honest for a moment – the bars along Halsted Street and in Andersonville are not always the best places for meaningful conversation.

Who wants to compete with loud music, loud voices and loud personalities?

Everyone has been cooped up (for what feels like years) and is finally ready to get out there, enjoy the sun, and meet new people.

With hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from, it can be a tad overwhelming.

It’s the one where they give up their studio-for-one, quit their high-pressured job and U-Haul it to a new city — a smaller city — to find happiness and true love.

This short list of possibilities certainly isn’t exhaustive but it does highlight the “biggies” for gay men in Chicago. Generally speaking, you will see many gay men coming in and out of this area because the market itself is a favorite among local LGBT individuals.

If you are gay and hoping to meet someone new, you will want to grab a light lunch from the self-service area at the Whole Foods, centrally located in the heart of the “Boystown” at 3640 N. Once you grab your eats, bring it to the shared lobby space that separates the grocery store from the Center on Halsted. It also happens to be home to “The Center” – a community agency providing an array of services to the gay, lesbian, bi and transsexual populations here in the city.

There’s a common belief that dating in the Big Apple is so impossible that the second someone relocates, they will be handed a Tiffany engagement ring and their future husband as part of the welcome package to Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis or Philadelphia. In 2011, my dad’s muscular dystrophy reached a point where it was important for me to move closer to Philadelphia, where I grew up.

I was also single and exhausted from 10 years of bad dates and three long-term relationships which, in hindsight, seemed like a waste of time. Dating in the City of Brotherly Love proved leagues worse than in New York.

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If you want to be social on campus/drink/go out and are under 21 Get a fake ID. Popular places to go are the two bars closet to campus (Hamilton's and P-Cos (Pumping Company)).

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