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When it comes to one-night stands, men and women are poles apart.

Guys just want, well, you know, while gals go to bed with the false impression of flattery and a craving for feeling desirable.

European women may seem like they have a more casual attitude when it comes to sex, but it is their American counterparts who are apparently having more one-night stands.

A new Dr ED survey of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans shows that the female respondents from the U. had six one-night stands on average while the ladies from across the pond admitted to only having four.

Plus, if you've got game, that should increase your chances, and if you want to go the whole nine yards, read the entirety of the article.

Sure, one-night stands are sparked at bars and on the club scene, but what about something different?

Even American men appear to be having slightly more random hookups, averaging around seven one-night stands, compared to the guys in Europe who have had roughly six.

But despite the slightly different numbers, women are still being judged for having one-time sexual encounters with people they've just met, Twenty per cent of the men surveyed said they would 'congratulate' another guy for having a one-night stand, but only nine per cent of men said they'd do the same for a woman who revealed she had one.

Our rules this time were simple: a one-night stand song can be giddy, longing, regretful, or lewd, as long as the lyrics make a thematic reference to short-lasting, fleeting trysts. — The cars-as-sex metaphor is one of rock and roll’s great clichés, with many, many, many notable entries, but none are as perfect as Prince’s first top 10 hit.

A more recent study, which sounds really good to us men, found that 20-percent of women admitted to having a one-night stand, while another 50-percent said they would be willing to.

Considering that most of the men reading this are good-looking and lucky at the same time, these studies basically give us at least a one in five chance of landing one of these women.

The upshot, according to new research, is great for most men and the pits for most women.

The study goes further under the covers, delving into the nuances of casual sex and its potential as a Venus-and-Mars minefield.

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Cher, now celebrating her 71st birthday, was just a teenager when she hooked up with one of Hollywood's hottest leading men, and the next day they went their separate ways. Cher was just 16, soon to meet Sonny Bono and sing backup on hits like "Be My Baby." Beatty, 25, was dating Natalie Wood, his co-star in "Splendor in the Grass." As Cher tells it, her hook-up with Beatty happened for the wrong reasons. She knocked on Morrison's hotel room door during a Doors/Airplane tour in 1968, and minutes later they were fooling around with a plate of strawberries. using food as erotic lubricant; it was more like kindergarten play.") Grace remembers the Lizard King as "surprisingly gentle" and observes that "the most maniacal guys on stage can be such sublime lovers." Afterward, she told him she'd return only if asked.

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