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Other celebs in attendance included Hugh Grant, Suki Waterhouse and her BFF Poppy Jamie, Natalie Dormer, and Ricky Gervais and his wife Jane Fallon.

Actress Natalie Dormer, 24, played Anne Boleyn in the recent BBC bodice-ripping drama, The Tudors, where she faced several sex scenes with co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. You know how the story ends, but it was a joy to play her.

She thinks we should focus more on action than definitions and how we define tings like feminism.

She believes that everyone should have equal pay, and admits that we need to fix the glass ceiling with women in the workplace.

But after this, anything I do is going to seem very bizarre to me.

ND: The best would be the new and improved Jamie Lanister. What was your biggest misconception with men while you where growing up? Natalie Cole's family revealed the Grammy-winning singer's cause of death on Thursday, January 7, saying she passed away from heart failure induced by lung disease. The “Miss You Like Crazy" singer, the daughter of the legendary Nat "King" Cole, underwent a kidney transplant in 2009, after battling drug issues and ensuing hepatitis.In a statement to the Associated Press on Thursday, her family said: "[Cole] responded well to pulmonary arterial hypertension-specific agents over many years, during which she performed many concerts world-wide, but eventually succumbed to intractable right heart failure, an outcome that unfortunately commonly occurs in this progressive disorder."Cole detailed her struggle with substance abuse — include cocaine, heroin and alcohol — in her 2000 memoir Angel on My Shoulder. Decades later, in 2008, she noted that her hepatitis C was brought about by her drug use.You can never be complacent, there are too many actors and not enough work. I’ve learnt so much about camera work doing this job it would be nice to capitalise on that. No, my heart lies at home, but you have to go where the work takes you. I used to have Winnie The Pooh read to me as a child so that book was a damn fine present. The oldies are the best, making mulled wine and listening to those songs gets me in the Christmas spirit.I might pop across to Hollywood and have a look around. ’ I’d done things before, but any actor, regardless of where they are in their career, is scared they’ll never work again. I did Casanova and my first scene involved me having to break a bird cage and two birds would fly out of it. We started out with 25 birds but due to camera issues, cage issues and acting issues we got down to 2 – the other 23 had flown away. I say I’m an atheist but I wouldn’t mind being visited by a ghost, I’d be open to the experience.

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