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Entertainment and Arts provide us with diversion and pleasure that make life a true joy.Whether it is through movies, music, games, or theater, the arts have a way of touching our souls.I'm touching my mouth and sucking through my teeth…it's annoying."To hear about Puget's high school fashion crime—a "white mesh shirt with gold eagle chain"—watch the full Intimate Interview above.

his career with AFI took off and so Havok did not return to the university.

All the layers occurred during the formative writing of the record.

The layers just grew and grew while we were making the record.

Once we got into the studio, it was just a question of reproducing and tracking those layers.

Recorded – Release Date Production Number #1982 Show Page Adam opens the show to a funny “he spells AFI with L” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is teasing some fan interaction that was shared with him and he says they’re going to wait for a birthday and discuss it.

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