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I remember hiding in the jungle many a night to escape from marauding guerrillas," she said.Saroja lives with her mother, the only member of her family to survive a bomb attack on a public bus in 2006.

The so-called "Border Girls" mostly come from towns and villages which formed a human buffer zone between the opposing sides during the 27-year conflict, which ended in 2009 and left tens of thousands of civilians dead, many of them killed in the war's bloody final phase.He was blindfolded and taken to a dark room with "dried blood" on the walls.He says the men claimed to be army intelligence officers and grilled him about links to the Tamil Tigers, which he denied."They came back and again started hitting me with a log at my back and now I've got a spine problem as well," Kumar said."The two guys were drunk and they came to me and they just put their hand on my body and they just rubbed me and I had some sexual torture as well."On the fourth and final day of his ordeal, Kumar's captors branded his back with hot irons."I thought that's the end of my life and I just fainted," Kumar said."When they see my back they will know what has happened to me recently, because a lot of stories [do not] come out from Sri Lanka."I can't forget.A Sri Lankan court has jailed and fined an Australian streaker for indecent exposure during a cricket Test between the nations, an act which local Buddhist priests found offensive.The man, identified as Alexander James from Queensland, was jailed for one week for his naked run across the ground in Pallekele near the picturesque town of Kandy during Tuesday's washed-out final session on day one."He was charged on two counts — drunken behaviour at a public place and indecent exposure," an official at the Kandy magistrate's court told AFP by telephone."He was also fined 3,000 rupees ()."Streaking at sporting events is rare in conservative Sri Lanka, and police stepped up security after the naked escapade at Pallekele International Stadium, where Sri Lanka are taking on Australia in the first Test.

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